Centilytics Once Again Draw Attention with Their New and Innovative Solutions to Simplify the Complex Cloud

Last month's updates were solely focused on enhancing the console and improvising the interface with the features like summarizing the whole security and health module on a single panel or expand the already existing inventory.

Dover, DE, August 12, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Centilytics, the intelligent cloud management platform, announced the general availability of new insight that will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire security module, which consists of more than 700 security checks. They also added new "insights" that will help you save more, and Inventory has been expanded for the new services for effective asset management.

Features included in the latest update of Centilytics console are:

1. Security Summary: This new feature helps you create a summary report as a complete overview of the security audit module. It is also the first insight in the same module. For better understanding, it is distinguished into four parts:

Summary by Severity: This insight represents the exact number of service checks that lie into three defined severity -- namely Critical, Warning, and Ok. It will allow the user to have a better understanding of the security checks.

Summary by Service: This insight draws the details of the severity and distinguishes them based on the services that the user has deployed. It is a bar graph chart that shows the percentage of how much compliant the service is.

Summary by Module: This insight provides the details of the divided module services (Security Audit, Performance Optimizer, and Fault tolerance). The gauge presents the overview of the module in terms of severity.

Summary by Compliance: This insight represents the details of compliance and summarizes them. It will help the user understand specific "compliance" and display the portion of the services of their infrastructure that are secure with those particular 'compliance' in terms of percentage.

2. Reserve order Utilization of Azure EA: The new update brings in reservation order for Azure EA customers as well. It will help the user to check the utilization of their reservation order. Users will also be able to distinguish their Virtual Machines that come under the order.

3. Inventory Report Overhaul: The console introduced a new model for the reporting module of inventory. This new change will allow the user to check the details of the services that are used by them. It will enable them to check the attribute of the resources attached to their services.

4. Services added for Inventory: Now, inventory management is available for new services such as S3, SNS, Route 53, and DynamoDB. It will allow the user to manage these services through our console.

5. AWS

Security Checks: 20+ security checks for AWS services get an upgrade. It is for services such as VPC, RDS, Redshift, IAM, route 53, ALB, ELB, NLB, and CloudTrail.

6. Azure

Optimizer Checks: 10+ optimizer checks introduced for the services such as VM, Redis cache, SQL database.

"With Centilytics, we always try to devise the next big thing as per the needs and requirements of our customers. We always take feedback from our users and try our best to work on it and bring the most creative and efficient solution for them, since we thrive on our customers' success." - Aditya Garg, CEO of Centilytics

Cloud computing as a technology was introduced a decade ago and still is identified as one of the most promising technology but a complex one, indeed. The reason being, users still are hearing to figure out ways to implement this technology effectively into their business. However, SaaS platforms like a CMP (Cloud Management Platform) solves this issue by decrypting the most efficient usability of cloud to bring innovative solutions that drain down the complexity of the cloud.

About the company:
Centilytics is a fully-automated SaaS solution that helps organizations with the management and control of their infrastructure. It is an intelligent cloud management platform that enables public cloud users to Gain 360-degree visibility, Identify loopholes and, Deploy one-click fixes on their cloud infrastructure.

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