Farina Records Announces Its Launch as "The First All Digital Record Label with Major Recording Artists"

Atlanta, GA, April 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- FARINA Records, Inc. formally announced today its launch as the “1st All Digital Record Label with Major Recording Artists”. As a forerunner of creating new and innovative approaches for the Music Industry, FARINA Records is ecstatic to be the first Record Label to initiate an all digital marketing plan with Major Recording Artists for all Single and LP releases.

In a statement released by Carlo J. Farina, C.E.O. & President of FARINA Records, Inc., “As the trends of the consumer change in their procurement of Music, so must the industry change to accommodate their demands. We are quickly approaching a fully digital media world and pressed materials will soon be as outdated as 8 tracks. We have developed a comprehensive plan that will reduce production costs dramatically and boost revenues exponentially. We are confident that this measure, which is both more economically and environmentally sound, is the irrefutable wave of the future for both the Recorded Music Industry and the demand of the recorded music consumer. Equally important, we are eliminating the old cliché of an Artist signing away their soul to the Record Label. While the label must generate a profit, my goal is to ensure that the Artist is able to recoup and receive royalty profits themselves. ”

FARINA Records proudly announces that they have signed Grammy Award Winning Major Recording Artist Michael Keith (of the Multi-Platinum Certified R&B Group 112) as a Solo Artist. Michael Keith is the First Artist to be signed to an Exclusive Recording Deal with FARINA Records, Inc.. Michael Keith’s Debut Single and Album will be the first releases from FARINA Records, Inc. as well. After years of constant urging by his fans, Michael Keith is confident that now the time is right to venture into his highly anticipated Solo Career. Michael Keith said it best when he stated, “I feel as though I have an obligation to my fans and myself to be what I was put here to be … one of the best!” Additionally, in respect to the all digital format of FARINA Records, Michael Keith declares, “we are living in the digital age. As a musician it only makes sense to sign to the only Record Label with the courage to embrace this concept and the vision to ensure that Artists are fairly compensated.”

When queried regarding the signing and premiere release of Michael Keith’s Solo Debut Album as the First Official Release of the Label, FARINA Records, Inc. C.E.O. & President Carlo J. Farina expressed that they selected Michael Keith because “pound for pound this dude is one of the greatest male vocalists of all time.”

Michael Keith has created a sound for his Debut Album which combines R&B infused with Pop & Rock delivering songs that play with your senses and engulf you instantly. When his constantly brewing creative genius is coupled with his often duplicated fashion sensibility, a whole new caliber of Entertainer is upon us. Michael Keith not only wrote or co-wrote the lyrics to every song, he also co-produced in addition to serving as Executive Producer with Carlo J. Farina. Feature Producers include new-comer’s Radio, KaeSwole and Hassan Davis.

FARINA Records will be Releasing Michael Keith’s Debut Solo Single “Ain’t Feelin You” to Radio on Tuesday, May 6, 2008. Michael Keith’s self-titled Debut Album is slated for release in July 2008. All Singles & Albums will be available for purchase worldwide @ www.FARINARecords.com, via I-Tunes and Amazon mp3.

For more information on FARINA Records, Inc. or Michael Keith, please contact the Public Relations Department at PR@FARINARecords.com or 770.807.0811.


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