Toronto Based ZenClause Launches on Indiegogo to Bring Visual Social Media to Global iPhone and Android Users

ZenClause announced today that it has listed on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to build an international group of users in anticipation of its free release upcoming on Android Market and iTunes App Store.

Toronto, Canada, August 15, 2019 --( In the spirit of RTS gaming, it is with great excitement that ZenClause of Toronto, Canada, is announcing it has launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to develop its new visual social media platform. Designed to fundamentally improve the user experience by deploying contacts into a 2-D isometric graphics environment, it significantly improves social usage efficiency and is just way cooler to use than conventional platforms.

By deploying friends, family and provider streams into virtual graphical neighborhoods, the users of ZenClause can visually track multiple contacts simultaneously and interact with posting and instant messaging activity in a very comfy, video game familiar interface. ZenClause is providing an unprecedented immersive experience that optimizes the social experience.

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About ZenClause
ZenClause is an emerging social media platform that utilizes apps to deliver content through visual representations of neighborhoods. Our mission is to deploy advanced technologies to provide the public a free environment to protect, promote and enjoy their social media content.

Media Contact:
Rick Masters
(416) 298-8169