AscendoSoft Announces Auto-RC

AscendoSoft extends its automation solutions to let end users manage critical processes from anywhere, anytime.

Redmond, WA, August 23, 2019 --( AscendoSoft Inc., a leading provider of software and services in the application automation market, today announced the upcoming release of Auto-RC, which is used on a phone or tablet to manage critical business processes by end users and administrators. Auto-RC will enable customers with Automation & Job Scheduling products like CA Automic, AppWorx, and others to save administrative time managing users and to help end users launch, manage and control jobs and reports from anywhere, anytime.

“We see Auto-RC having a positive impact in reducing the workload for IT administrators while empowering end users to better control business processes from anywhere on their tablet or phone. Users can reduce delays caused by lag time of complex processing while eliminating the need for IT to be involved,” said Jim Holck, AscendoSoft Chief Sales Officer. “We plan to continue to expand our automation solutions and Auto-RC complements our already widely used Automation Widgets and AccurSee products.”

A few examples of automation remote-control anytime, anywhere with Auto-RC:

· Functional end users can review reports prior to launching additional steps of the business workflow.
· End users can receive job status reports, report outstanding issues, fix jobs, resubmit, etc.
· IT Administrators can better manage their Job Scheduling environment with system health reports on agents, queues, jobs, job flows, etc.

Built to operate on any platform and with any Job Scheduling/Application Automation product, Auto-RC will work within the framework of a company’s security policy. It includes multiple levels of security to ensure that users are authenticated and can only perform functions for which they are authorized.

About AscendoSoft Inc.
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