New Exciting Children’s eBook novel for Dragon, Fantasy and Forest Lovers from 1pen-ePublish: The Little Green Dragon 

New York, NY, August 24, 2019 --( New exciting Children’s eBook novel for Dragon, Fantasy and Forest Lovers from 1pen-ePublish.

The Little Green Dragon
A wonderful and entertaining goodnight story or read aloud also for multilingual parents and teachers. Easy to read and suitable for cozy interaction between adults and children. Trilingual and with OpenDyslexia Font in all eBook Formats.

Once upon a time, there was a little green dragon that hatched in the red dragon’s village. The little dragon felt lonely and different and ventured out on a dramatic journey where he met a giant, fairies, trolls and other new friends.

The need for reading aloud to children is essential for them to be good readers, to maintain and develop a rich language and pass along knowledge and examples to our children and thereby develop our societies.

The Little Green Dragon is an excellent storytelling book to practice reading for those who already broke the reading code or for teachers and parents who read fairytale genres around the 3-4’th grade.

The ebook has 23 chapters that each deal with a new situation from which can be discussed different subjects with students and children, such as protecting nature, friendship and loneliness, bullying, belonging in a society, being a stranger and other morals in fairytales.

The ebook is produced in 3 languages, English, French and Danish. It is also created in a trilingual version and they are all furthermore available in OpenDyslexia Font for children with reading difficulty.

The ebook is already published at Kobo, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, Scribd and Facebook an has been sent to 27.000 libraries via Smashwords.

"Without knowing it, he gradually became able to read nature. This is a good thing when living in a forest. But many have either never learned it or forgotten it." -Hanne Tonga The Little Green Dragon

The author Hanne Tonga lived and studied for 28 years in Ivory Coast. She has obtained a BA in literature, a master’s in literature and a BA in communication.

In Abidjan, she worked at the local film company where the job allowed her to travel around the country. She started to tell stories to her son since 1997.

The stories developed daily while they lived in Africa. After she returned to Denmark, she started to write down The Little Green Dragon.

Hanne has gathered a myriad of knowledge and experiences and transformed them into a source of entertainment that contains a meaningful mix of multiple cultures. She believes storytelling is a very important tool, to share the knowledge about life and challenges with our next generations by telling children great stories.

Title: The Little Green Dragon - ISBN: 9788-87-93566-03-3 - Author: Hanne Tonga - Illustrations: Helene Larsen - Digital ebook: 225 pages - Chapters: 23 in 3 parts - LIX: 24 - Interest Age - 6-12 - Format: ePub - Kindle – Kobo – Nook - Languages: English, Danish, French - Published: July 2019 - Edition: First Release - Fonts: Helvetica, Aviano, Montserrat, Universe, OpenDyslexia Publisher: 2019 1Pen ePublish

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