Amazon’s New Changes Has Been Advantageous for SocksLane Sales

Portland, OR, August 27, 2019 --( Amazon made changes last June 2019 in its seller policies. The 3 small changes affected both customers and sellers in which SocksLane responded to and complied to immediately. The changes are as follows: 1) sellers must include price per unit information for all listings; 2) sellers must enter a value for how much of an item there is and 3) what unit the figure is in, whether in ounces, pounds, grams or total count.

Make-up products, health products, dietary supplements, baby foods, and others are the products which have been majorly affected. SocksLane made minor changes when they changed the rules. Amanda, the CEO, and co-founder of the company said, “We are glad about this change and complied to it ASAP. This actually is a better shopping experience for our clients and at the same time will help our back end office become more efficient.” She further said, “Our ASIN are already Amazon compliant even before the announcement. This change has made us more visible in Amazon.”

SocksLane is a small US-based company that provides compression garments like cotton compression socks, cotton compression knee sleeves, and cotton compression elbow sleeves. The last 2 are recent additions to their successful product line. SocksLane products can be purchased at the company website,, or through Amazon at
Amanda Dixon