Blaedel Studios Brings Scandinavian Content Style to California

Los Angeles, CA, August 28, 2019 --( The Scandinavian traditions are increasing in popularity in the US. A new Content Strategy and Copywriting agency, Blaedel Studios is riding the wave by bringing the Scandinavian minimalism to the way they market brands. The agency just opened their first office in Los Angeles, CA.

A marketing approach rooted in Danish culture

The constant battle for consumers’ attention is making it increasingly hard for brands to get their message across. The competition is no longer just other brands. Friends, family, news channels and entertainment sources all contribute to the clutter consumers have to sort through on a daily basis.

“With all these brands and people trying to out-scream each other, we all drown in the noise. We need to dial it down a bit and get to the point. That’s what Scandinavian culture is all about – less fluff, more breathing room. That, combined with our strong storytelling tradition is our recipe for getting your audiences’ attention,” said CEO of Blaedel Studios, Malene Blaedel.

While terms like "hygge" and "lagom" are integrating into American culture, the Scandinavian mindset hasn’t been applied to the world of marketing. Until now.

Background in PR and marketing

The founder and CEO of Blaedel Studios has nearly a decade of experience doing PR and marketing for Danish, American and International brands across all verticals. Having worked for three different agencies, Blaedel is well-versed in the world of communication.

“The tools we use at Blaedel Studios are really the same for any industry. And we approach any work is with thorough research – because how can you communicate on behalf of someone you don’t know that well?” said Malene Blaedel.

If your brand needs a touch of Scandinavian minimalism, Blaedel Studios are ready to help you get your message across to your audience.
Blaedel Studios
Malene Blaedel