Blue Shark Vodka Beats the Hurricane Season and Takes North Carolina by Storm

Enormous Area Response to Blue Shark Vodka Premiere.

Wilmington, NC, August 27, 2019 --( The Wilmington area wanted a luxuriously smooth vodka, and Blue Shark Vodka delivered. Area supplies are nearly sold out well ahead of schedule. New product is expected to arrive in November—in time for the holidays.

“We are beyond excited about the enormous response to our premiere. It’s truly more than we ever anticipated,” said Blue Shark Vodka president Brooke Bloomquist. “We are working diligently to maintain and ensure an uninterrupted supply in the future.”

A big part of the delay in production and shipment is weather related. The southern section of North Carolina has been experiencing a regional drought, which has directly affected the company’s corn supply out of Polkton, NC. Efforts are now underway for increasing future production of their sweet Carolina corn. Next harvest is planned for mid-October.

In the meantime, the company is also currently working with its manufacturers to create a bottle with a stronger base as well as a new topper that provides a flawless seal for better freezer storage for consumers. Additionally, their artists recently created an improved, heavy-duty, laminated, corrugated shipping box that better represents their brand identity.

All of these enhancements will ensure all Blue Shark Vodka bottles arrive intact and give ABC stores, consumers, and restaurants a better product on their shelves.

Blue Shark Vodka is a division of Daytoon, Inc.
Daytoon Distributors, Inc.
Mark Bloomquist