Video Marketing Expert Offers Tips to Promote Videos

Digital Video Marketing trends in 2019 and how to promote videos.

Anola, Canada, August 27, 2019 --( Video marketing and promotions expert and owner of, an online video promotion platform, reminds video creators the top ways to promote videos online in 2019 to get more views and exposure through digital video marketing. There is more competition now than there was in the past and content creators need to stay relevant by adopting strategies that make them stand out.

1. Optimize search title and tags
If you are promoting through channels like YouTube it is important to optimize the title to display your target keyword as well as your description should display it up to 3 times and the tags should be well optimized to tell YouTube what the video is about and where it should show up in the display results.

2. Link your videos together
As you publish your content, each video will get a different number of people watching it based on its contents. By linking your videos by displaying relevant video links both in video and in description you can keep you audience engaged and increase your video watch time.

3. Create engaging content
The more engagements your video receives the more you will show in rankings on YouTube because it tells the search algorithm it is a video people enjoy and it should be shared with a greater audience. The more engaging your content the more subscribers and repeat watchers you will be receiving.

4. Boost Video through Facebook
Get more people to watch your video by simply boosting your video through Facebook social channels. If you have a business page, you can promote it directly through your page or you can post the video in popular relevant groups to get organic shares and views.

5. Use a Influencer to Shout Out
Pay influencers to display your content in their video to get a shout out and referral traffic. Use their established following to get a jumpstart of views by partnering with established video creators and getting shout outs in their video and content to create a channel of traffic to your video.

These are just some of the ways to get more rankings and views after publishing a video on YouTube claims owner of Video Marketing Platform

There are over 300 hours of new video content published every minute. It is a challenge in 2019 to create content that stands out to the public. Digital trends show more people are using videos to advertise as it is a well accepted way to communicate with consumers.
Brayden Hall