Vectormatrix Limited Releases MMA Executive Sports Management Video Game to the Steam Platform

MMA Executive is a Mixed Martial Arts sports management video game released this week (26th August) by Vectormatrix Limited to the Steam gaming platform for PC gamers to enjoy.

London, United Kingdom, August 28, 2019 --( “Together, we can challenge the greats!” concludes the new MMA Executive trailer created specifically for launch day.

This week is one of great significance for games developer Vectormatrix Limited as they released MMA Executive on 26th August 2019 to the Steam platform; their inaugural gaming production. After 4 years and 3 months of development, MMA Executive features a never before seen engine, as well as AI mechanisms.

MMA Executive is a Mixed Martial Arts sports management and business simulation video game, also featuring martial arts instructional elements. The store page for the game is packed with more info and can be found here:

Along with the release, Vectormatrix Limited dropped a new launch day trailer featuring a satirical edge:

The trailer features two animated characters (Boss Man and Fighter Dude) running you through their experiences of the game; or at least when Fighter Dude is not being distracted by the Card Girl. The trailer shows how Boss Man begins to try to establish himself within the MMA world as a prospective MMA Executive, meanwhile employing Fighter Dude as one of his MMA hopefuls. Director at Vectormatrix Limited, and many years a student of the martial arts, Richard Matzko, notes:

“It’s pretty cool how this trailer brings out a major feature of this game; specifically, the story that the player and AI characters build as the MMA Executive world evolves through their actions. Besides the technicalities and materialism of the sports world, it turns out that there is a human element also! Who would have thought?”

Quoting a section of the new trailer, he jests:

“I don’t think there’s much more to say at this point on launch day besides: ‘It’s time to build up that dojo!’”

The updated press-kit with screenshots, gifs and further information is available here:

Vectormatrix Limited is a new independent software development company founded on 4th March 2019 with the stated aim to portray "cutting edge perspectives, systematization, ergonomic solutions, entertainment and meaningfulness." MMA Executive is the company’s first major production, with development on it started far before the formation of the company itself. MMA Executive began development as the personal project of Vectormatrix Limited Director, Richard Matzko. Vectormatrix Limited is primarily the vessel through which MMA Executive can be realized, but with the stated intention to "continue operating, and providing quality, far into the future."
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