How to Clean a Copper Roof Guide by Arlington Roof Repair Contractors

The Arlington roof repair contractors at Beyond Exteriors released a blog discussing how to clean a copper roof.

Chantilly, VA, August 29, 2019 --( The Arlington roof repair contractors at Beyond Exteriors released a blog discussing how to clean a copper roof, to ensure that it remains wonderful all season long. Maintaining it properly will also keep the copper from tarnishing or brassing badly, as tarnished copper roof can diminish its distinctive curb appeal and lessen the value of your home. Although it can take years for the copper to tarnish to a green color, it is important to be proactive about keeping your copper clean and free of debris.

There are two main methods for cleaning a copper roof. There is a mechanical way and the chemical way. The mechanical method involves heavy sanding, followed by fine grit sanding with paper or a sponge for the finishing touches. This is recommended to be done in one direction to prevent an uneven look. The chemical way uses HD gel copper cleaners. Just paint this on the copper roof and let it sit before washing it off with water. The gel means it will not leak off of your roof. It is also designed to cause no harm on your greenery. If the chemical method sounds like the right option, look into HD gel copper cleaners with U.V. blockers and antioxidants that will protect your roof from tarnishing.

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