World Bluegrass Day Officially Set for October 1st

World Bluegrass Day has been officially created for October 1st of each year. World Bluegrass Day has been established to celebrate Bluegrass through exposure, awareness and community involvement around the world. World Bluegrass Day's mission expands beyond the one day as World Bluegrass Day is a year-long commitment.

Columbia, SC, August 29, 2019 --( World Bluegrass Day is established to both honor & preserve the roots of Bluegrass but to also recognize Bluegrass around the world and what diversity and other cultures can bring to the music. World Bluegrass Day is a celebration of where we’ve been but also where we are going with Bluegrass that continues all year long. October 1st is the day to bring the global Bluegrass community together to share and inspire the next generation of fans, players and teachers.

Chris Hanscom, founder, says, “What we’re doing with World Bluegrass Day is creating a ‘Bluegrass without Borders’ initiative to bring the world a little closer through music.”

About World Bluegrass Day:
Every October 1st is World Bluegrass Day which celebrates, shares and inspires others to start listening to Bluegrass music, start playing an instrument or travel to the mountains to explore the roots of Bluegrass. One day that takes all year.

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