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Boston, MA, August 31, 2019 --( SMI Reports: With new technologies becoming available for the pharmaceutical industry, the HPAPI market is utilising these new innovations to simplify manufacturing processes reducing powder exposure and allowing a semi-continuous production.

At this year's HPAPI USA Conference, emerging manufacturing technologies will be one of the key points to be discussed along with containment issues, disaster management, Oncology Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) and staff training procedures.

Key highlights include:

Alternative HPAPI manufacturing technologies to reduce powder exposure and improving safety along with enabling continuous manufacturing:
- Alternative drug manufacture through nanocrystal formulations, thin films and hot-melt extrusion/injection moulding that reduces HPAPI powder exposure and improve safety
- Detailing step-by-step process along with the equipment needed to achieve these alternative HPAPI manufacturing techniques
- The advantages of continuous manufacturing utilizing alternative manufacturing technologies

Respiratory HPAPIs: development, formulation and delivery:
- Advantages and targets of a respiratory HPAPI
- Equipment and analytical instruments that are most suitable for respiratory containment and safe handling
- Strategies for the development and industrialization process to ensure respiratory HPAPI success
- The current trends in respiratory HPAPIs

Training and managing workers with HPAPI exposure, along with the best available techniques for cleaning and waste management:
- Staff training - understanding the equipment they are using
- Due diligence for management to continually assess the HPAPI workspace and keeping operators up to date
- Understand the need to establish expectations surrounding the safe handling of HPAPI

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Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients USA
Conference: October 21–22
Workshops: October 23
Venue: Sheraton Boston Hotel, USA

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