Looking to Keep the Culture of Geiko and Maiko Alive, Geisha Japan Looks to Fans for Support to Help Bring Geisha to the Wider World via Crowdfunding on Japankuru Funding

As Maiko and Geiko numbers fall in Japan, a group is looking at ways to revitalize the culture. One way they are looking at doing so is increasing the amount of foreign fans that would be willing to come and watch their perfomances. By doing this, they hope to create a positive feedback loop that will spur these Maiko on.

Kyoto, Japan, September 05, 2019 --(PR.com)-- With Geiko and Maiko numbers decreasing year by year, Geisha Japan are looking at ways to increase support for this amazing part of Japanese culture. Through crowdfunding on Japankuru Funding, they look to raise money to promote the culture online, as well in different mediums. By doing so they look to target foreigners that will form a new base of fans that will help support the hard working girls.

By using Japankuru Funding's multilingual function and targeting foreigners, this will have two effects. As foreigners increase year on year, the amount of people that know about and can support Geiko and Maiko increase. As well as this, it allows the culture to become a worldwide phenomenon, giving the hard working girls that become Maiko, even more backing in this extremely tough lifestyle.

One problem that faces foreigners when it comes to watching Maiko and Geiko is that you need to have both an understanding of Japanese, and in some cases, you actually have to also had the experience of attended such an event. Many establishments have rules that looks to stop potential customers from abroad. Geisha Japan sidesteps most of this hassle by offering events in English, as well as tying up with certain establishments to offer an events that feature Maiko.

They are looking to raise money via crowdfunding to raise money to bring in English speakers so that they can carry on offering special events for foreigners that wish to join in and learn more about Maiko. They also will have staff to help people learn more about Maiko via their social media.

■Project Information
Time Period: September 2nd 2019 – November 7th 2019
Project Target: 300,000 Yen
Returns: Two types of Returns available, Special Digital Photo Albums sent 3 times during the year of Maiko, and experience based returns such as invitation to a guided tour around Hanamachis which also includes a stop at a Maiko theatre to watch a Maiko dance as well as private parties held with a Maiko.

■About Geisha Japan
Geisha Japan is a company that looks to bring the culture of Maiko in Kyoto to foreigners all around the world. As the world of Geisha is pretty strict, it is important to foster people that can help support and cheer on the girls that take this style of life.

■About Japankuru Funding
Japankuru Funding is a Japanese based crowdfunding site, that allows for the project page to be curated in 3 different languages, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. This allows for funding to be collected from all over the world.
Japankuru Funding
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