Looking to Keep the Culture of Geiko and Maiko Alive, Geisha Japan Looks to Fans for Support to Help Bring Geisha to the Wider World via Crowdfunding on Japankuru Funding

As Maiko and Geiko numbers fall in Japan, a group is looking at ways to revitalize the culture. One way they are looking at doing so is increasing the amount of foreign fans that would be willing to come and watch their perfomances. By doing this, they hope to create a positive feedback loop that will spur these Maiko on. - September 05, 2019

Ueno Joshi Tour Group Looks to Crowdfunding via Japankuru Funding to Help Create a Tour That is Perfect for Visitors That Come During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics near, a group of Japanese people are looking to make a tour that helps connect tourists not just to the places, but also to the people as well, allowing for the tourist to make memories based on the people that they meet. - September 05, 2019

In Order to Combat Overtourism in Biei, Hokkaido Farmers Launch Crowdfunding Project on Japankuru Funding to Help Re-Educate Visitors to the Area

Each year 1,600,000 visitors go to Hokkaido to see the beautiful farms in Biei. It is a unique area scattered with hilly farmland that feature amazing fields of not just crops but beautiful flowers. It is because of these beautiful fields that people flock to the area for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Now the people of Biei are looking to protect the farmland so future generations can also enjoy this amazing area. - May 31, 2019

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