Ueno Joshi Tour Group Looks to Crowdfunding via Japankuru Funding to Help Create a Tour That is Perfect for Visitors That Come During the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics near, a group of Japanese people are looking to make a tour that helps connect tourists not just to the places, but also to the people as well, allowing for the tourist to make memories based on the people that they meet.

Tokyo, Japan, September 05, 2019 --(PR.com)-- With the amount of people that are visiting Japan, especially Tokyo, increasingly slowly as the Tokyo Olympics approaches, many different companies and groups are attempting find solutions to the problem of the influx of tourists that the country faces.

An all-female tour guide group by the name of Ueno Joshi are looking to create a tour with the help of both Japanese and foreigners via a unique crowdfunding campaign on Japankuru Funding . The campaign launched on August 26th 2019 and that runs until September 24th 2019, is looking to raise 1,000,000 yen (9500 USD) in order to help with promotion costs, tour creation, and excursion fees.

The main base of operations and the area that the group tours around is Ueno, in the northern part of Tokyo. The group currently offers special tailor-made guides for their customers, with an end result of holding enough tours to help with the production of the perfect tour. They hold several different types of tours, included one which includes accompaniment in full Yukata or Kimonos.

The main idea behind the tour is to change the way of thinking about tours as just going to places and trying food, and more looking at the charms of meeting new local people and seeing a whole new point of view. This creates an even better experience, and lets the tourist have a bigger memory of not just the places but the warmth and friendliness of the Japanese people as well.

One main return that is featured in the project is access to a special Facebook Group, where the tour guides will offer advice on your trip to Tokyo, as well as look to bring peoples opinions and ideas together to create the best tour that can be made.

The project can be found at: https://en.japankurufunding.com/projects/ueno-joshi/

-Project Information
Time Period: August 26th 2019 – September 24th 2019
Project Target: 1,000,000 Yen
Returns: Items are being prepared such as access to a special Facebook Group which will give the user support on their travel around Tokyo as well as tours.
Project Page: https://en.japankurufunding.com/projects/ueno-joshi/

-About Ueno Joshi
Ueno Joshi is a group of young ladies that look to change the way tours are held in Japan. By focusing on the connection between tourist and local people rather than just on food and locations, they look to create a new way of touring.
Official Website: https://uenojoshi-tour.com/en/

-About Japankuru Funding
Japankuru Funding project page to be curated in 3 different languages, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese. This allows for funding to be collected from all over the world.

Homepage: https://en.japankurufunding.com/
Japankuru Funding
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