Lami-Cell, a Division of Partrade Trading Company, LLC, Unveils Ventex 22 Sport Boots with Patented Coolite Neoprene

Revolutionary technology is 20% lighter than other breathable materials, keeping equine athletes’ legs cool, dry, and irritation free.

Kinston, NC, September 05, 2019 --( When is a sport boot more than a sport boot? When it’s made with Lami-Cell’s revolutionary new Coolite Neoprene, a patented, human medical-grade material that keeps horses’ legs cool, dry and protected, no matter the discipline.

Conventional neoprene has long been popular for protective gear because it offers shock-absorbing protection against concussion and is easy to clean. But even neoprene boots with jersey lining allow buildup of both sweat and heat, often resulting in irritated skin.

That’s why Lami-Cell created the Ventex 22 Boot Collection, a line of boots that sport a rubber sponge laminate construction that is 20% lighter than other breathable materials, with the ability to dissipate heat and wick away moisture for cooler, more comfortable legs. The collection includes Front Protective Boots, Ultimate Knee Boots, Pro Master Air Tendon Boots, Pro Master Air High Fetlock Boots and Pro Fetlock Boots.

These boots are built to last, too, with a compression quality that offers superb protection from impact, as well as excellent stretch and recovery. The Ventex 22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots and the Pro Master Air High Fetlock Boots feature an extra layer of Poron® for extra shock absorption, while the contoured fit molds around the leg for added suspensory support. Bonus: It keeps sand out.

Just ask nationally ranked jumper rider Carolina Villanueva Suarez. “The V22 boots are the perfect intersection between comfort and protection,” she says. “The V22 material on the inside prevents sweat from building up on my horses’ legs, and the shock absorption on the spine provides the utmost protection both in everyday training as well as in competition. Its aesthetic style paired with the unmatched design for durability is why my horses and I choose Lami-Cell.”

Roping star Walt Woodard is also a fan. “I never liked using traditional neoprene boots in the past because they always made my horses’ legs hot, and heat is the number one thing you want to get out of your horses’ legs,” he explains. “Now that I’ve tried the V22 protective boots, I think they’re the best protective boot on the market. With the patented Coolite material used, it keeps my horses’ legs cool and wicks away the sweat that would otherwise build up in a traditional neoprene boot.”

Enter to Win Ventex 22 Boots*
At Lami-Cell, we believe safety is always in style - whether you're shipping, riding or just spending time with your horse. Give your horse the everyday leg protection he needs by entering to win a pair of Ventex 22 boots. Enter now until September 30 at

*Two Western winners will receive two pairs of Ventex 22 Front Boots (1 pair for front legs/1 pair for back legs) each in their choice of color and size(s) and two English winners will receive one pair of Ventex 22 Pro Master Air Tendon Boots and one pair of Ventex 22 Pro Fetlock Boots each in their choice of size(s).
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