Author Revisits Death of Kurt Cobain in Time Travel Novel

A music critic travels back to 1994 in an attempt to save Kurt Cobain in a chapter from the new novel "Timely Persuasion" by Jacob LaCivita.

Los Angeles, CA, April 05, 2008 --( Suicide or murder? 14 years later this is still an open question being asked in books, films, and on the Internet. Some write it off as a conspiracy theory ala JFK or Jim Morrison, but after nearly a decade and a half the idea of foul play hasn't gone away.

Jacob LaCivita uses this mystery as an exploratory backdrop for his hero to learn the ropes of time travel in the new novel "Timely Persuasion." The book follows a washed up music critic on a quest to prevent the death of his sister. But before he gets started on his true mission, there's another death he wants to avert.

"It's one of those defining moments that follows a whole population who came of age listening to Nirvana," says LaCivita. "For me it was such a logical starting off point for the narrator. He has this new power and wants to make an immediate impact. So many characters discover they can travel in time and head straight for 1963 to find Oswald and save Kennedy. I think a new generation might try something equally altruistic yet not quite so grandiose."

"Timely Persuasion" is available in paperback as well as a free online version. For more information, visit the book's website at To jump straight to the Cobain-related chapters, visit

Timely Persuasion
Jacob LaCivita