Art Mall Global Celebrates the Teachings of the Tao by Launching New Art Movement the "#ArtHeals" Art Campaign

New York, NY, September 26, 2019 --( Art Mall Global, a new International Art website, is launching an exciting new platform of extraordinarily beautiful and unique collections of artwork from Artist around the Globe to showcase their "#ArtHeals" Movement.

The objective of the #ArtHeals Movement is encouraging healing through Art. "Art can help heal the mind and soul, through visual stimulation," says Art Mall Global Curator Keisha Gabbidon. Gabbidon is excited to bring art buyers and artists together around the world. Keisha partners with youth charities, art galleries, platforms and venues worldwide and enjoys being tightly interwoven within the Greater Miami business sector. Linda Smith brings her passion into every endeavor as the Global Agent with exclusive business/network relationships in the United Kingdom, Australia and New York City. Marc Gray, Lead Art Manager, is connected to some of the largest printing/framing companies. Gray also has extensive collections of Abstract, Fine Black Art, African Art, and Posters; with a background in music, film, television, real estate, finance, and the luxury industry. Marc learns the wishes of his fine art clientele and caters to customize the order of each client.

Art Mall Global’s #ArtHeals movement will be showcasing artists worldwide through their website and through discerning, public and celebrity art auctions held in Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York City. Art Mall Global also embraces the Auto Focus awards held in Miami, FL. Art Mall Global has a strong customer culture with high quality handpicked Artists. Their creative artwork lends to a premium experience for the clientele buying; and the artists selling. For more information visit:

Art Mall Global is expanding as their global fine art market is embracing fine healing arts and higher vibrational art with Abstracts, and Expressionism, which is a modernist movement presenting solely from the artists perspective, then distorted for emotional effect. They showcase fine Black and African artwork standing out in the Art world. In addition, Art Mall Global has launched their new online art gallery / mall, with the goal to directly connect fine art buyers to their new online shopping experience. Art Mall Global has a domestic focus firstly in Miami, FL, Beverly Hills, CA, and New York City, NY. They have an international focus in the United Kingdom, China, Africa, and South America, with a place to service the fine art world with today’s newest and most innovative brand/lifestyle platform to educate while entertaining the Art lovers World.

Art Mall Global features top global artists from Puerto Rico, South Africa, Romania, Canada, and the USA including their very own fine Artist M’Lilo and his "Tao Art Collection." Art Mall Global is looking forward to donating many artworks to the NBA to host fundraisers to support Charities that support the youth. Art Heals is the global movement from the USA to Africa. Art Mall Global’s message for all art galleries, consultants, and curators; "Let’s work to make Art Heals happen, through Art Exhibitions, Artwork, Fine Art Work Spaces, Fine Artists Worldwide, along with Art Investors, and Philanthropy." For more information on Art Mall Global visit
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