Metalab's Evolution and FEI-Approved Elite Bit Collections Bring Comfort-Driven Designs to a Wider Range of Horses and Riders

The new bits offer next-level ergonomic designs and give riders precision control.

Kinston, NC, September 16, 2019 --( For most of Fabien Bedoucha’s 20 years as one of Metalab’s bit designers, he’s put himself in the place of the horse and not the other way around. The lifelong horseman’s motto is to make sure the bit is not uncomfortable for the horse at a neutral point when there is no action on the reins and it delivers a clear and precise signal to the horse without any unnecessary pain.

“If you have pain in your mouth, it’s difficult to think about anything else,” says Bedoucha.

Eliminating pain and excess pressure are Metalab hallmarks. That’s why they combined their patented Pinchless technology, Swivel Free cheekpiece design and an extra-curved mouthpiece together for the first time to create two brand new and ultra-comfortable bit collections that give riders pinpoint control and feeling without misleading signals.

Metalab, a division of Partrade, created the Evolution Collection and FEI-approved Elite Collection to eliminate pressure on the tongue and pinching at the side of the mouth. The next-level ergonomic fit enables comfortable, clear and precise communication between the rider and horse. The result: a relaxed, responsive horse that is willing to work with its rider.

A range of sizes and widths provide a custom fit for every horse and include options for many disciplines and levels of horse and/or rider experience. Snaffle and straight mouthpiece options are available in each collection.

Evolution Collection: Leather for Comfort
The Evolution Collection introduces Metalab design in leather-covered bits. The line includes bits for Western and English disciplines, with ideal options for riders of all abilities and horses of all ages and training levels. Mouthpiece thickness options at 17mm and 20mm make them an especially popular choice for jumpers.

The eco-friendly, naturally tanned leather is all about comfort. It’s coupled with Metalab’s patented Pinchless system, allowing the connecting rings to independently rotate a full 360 degrees without impinging on the tongue. The Swivel Free System brings shanks that move independently from the headstall for precise application of gentle pressure and no misleading signals. The naturally tanned leather is safe for horses, even if they chew it.

Care is easy because the leather is moisturized while in the horse’s mouth. After riding, the bit needs only to be wiped free of debris and placed in a ventilated area to dry. The leather has a rich finish that brings traditional workmanship to the cutting-edge technology of the stainless steel bit it’s wrapped around.

Elite Collection: FEI Dressage Approved
The FEI-approved Elite Collection also emphasizes maximum comfort and response and comes in a range of sizes and thickness to fit all horses and riding styles. It is distinguished by a hinged barrel mouthpiece, straight or ported, with independent left and right action that allows for very specific rider cues. Extra-curved mouthpieces provide a natural fit in the horse’s mouth and oversized tubing on the cheekpiece sides prevents pinching on mouth corners.

The Ported Barrel Continental Gag Bit is one of the most popular Elite designs. The ported barrel reduces pressure on and eliminates pinching of the tongue. The cheekpiece is a three-ring sliding gag with long sleeves designed to avoid pinching at the corners of the lips. An ideal gag effect of smooth pressure on the mouth bars and the horse’s poll is another distinguishing trait of this top seller.

About Metalab, a division of Partrade
Since 1955, Partrade Trading Company has become a premier international distributor for world-class bits, spurs and riding equipment. Our success was founded on true dedication to selecting innovative products for the novice rider to the Olympic competitor. In 1998, Partrade partnered with the world class manufacturer Eastwest International Enterprises, which has over 41 years of experience in producing top quality products. This partnership led to the distribution in the USA of the innovative equestrian brands Metalab and Lami-Cell. Metalab offers the most extensive selection of Western and English bits, spurs and stirrups for any discipline or training purpose. Each product is made from the finest materials and is extensively tested by professionals to ensure superior quality, long-lasting performance, and comfortable and precise communication between the rider and horse.
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