Skaffolder - the Next Iteration of Code Generator on ProductHunt

Skaffolder is launching the latest updates in a new version with Docker certified templates that include for the first time Blockchain capabilities. Skaffolder delivers a fast, fluid experience to empower teams to create working prototypes within minutes.

Austin, TX, September 21, 2019 --( Skaffolder introduces improvements to the ground breaking product launched in January.

Today, from Austin, Texas, Skaffolder has released a new version of their certified code generator on Product Hunt with comprehensive templates that has set the standard for those who develop web applications on a daily basis or who need to start new projects frequently. With the software application development market growing from $9.05 billion in 2012 to over $10.28 billion in 2016, the need for this solution is clear, and Skaffolder is leading the way to revolutionize web application development.

Skaffolder was born with the idea of automating, as much as possible, the work of programmers thereby making it less prone to human-error. In order to accelerate business and remain competitive, time to market for products and services is key. Skaffolder’s framework enables organizations to develop and deploy scalable, globally-available applications in both web and mobile environments quickly. The platform saves up to 40% of the time compared to the average, providing a code that is easy to understand and fully customizable for developers.

Skaffolder is a SaaS and command-line tool code generator that produces high-quality code in multiple programming languages, starting from database and API specification and creates a fully customizable code template. The code is stored on GIT repositories in chosen programming languages, the developer controls the code.

New features include:
Updated user interface
New Webapp templates for Blockchain, NodeJS Es6, React
New Mobile templates for React Native and Xamarin

About Skaffolder

Skaffolder, an Austin-based technology company, focus on empowering development teams following the DevOps principles. Skaffolder is a platform that allows developers to quickly build custom web and mobile applications in multiple programming languages. Starting from visual modeling, it allows the generation of source code, documentation and initial interface needed to get a project started. Store the code on your GIT repository in chosen programming languages and unlike other low code or no code generators, control the code. The tool provides time savings of up to 40% compared to standard programming. For more information, please visit
Andrew Naudin