Flash Exterminating is Introducing "E Bike" Technology to the Pest Control Industry

Reinvent the wheel. Build a better mouse trap. Flash Exterminating is bringing an innovative, fresh look to pest management that will improve performance to field technicians.

New York, NY, September 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- In New York City, where traffic is heavy, Flash Exterminating has found a way to "beat the system."

"We utilize 'E bike technology' to stay a step ahead of our competitors," says James Swint, director of technology Flash Exterminating.

"Since we've attached this powerful tool in our arsenal, our 'E bike same day service' has been in high demand. We guarantee same day delivery of service and, taking it even a step further, we guarantee our time down to the hour or there is 10% off of your treatment."

Flash Exterminating's "E bike technology" is a game changer for the pest control industry. NYC has bike lanes that allows pest control technicians the ideal conduit of bypassing the congestion of the city and tending to their clients in an orderly and timely fashion.

And parking?

"Wow, parking has been a nightmare for us in the past," says Frankly Adderley, Flash Exterminating's quality control manager. "The concepts and protocols we use here can be adopted by pest management professionals nationwide to save them money on tickets and fuel," he continues.

Flash Exterminating's pest control "E bike technology" has a double positive impact as it is also, environmentally non toxic. Flash combines that fact with their GreenPro offerings for a complete, clean service.

The number of benefits in Flash Exterminating's "E bike technology" are abundant, including the improved health of service technicians. A healthy tech is a happy tech and a happy tech equals a positive service.

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