Can You do Anything You Can Get Away with

You can according to the self proclaimed "High Priest of Prickly Bog," leader of a new religion which follows the teachings of “The Great God Bongo.” He claims to have been anointed as such on April 9th 1997, by the ghost of a dead author named Hiram Blunt whom he says he met once in 1987. Apparently the author was alive at the time, although we have checked the records and not been able to trace any books he published before 2007.

New York, NY, April 07, 2008 --( Nonetheless Mr. Sen, the alleged “High Priest,” does assert that it is one of the fastest growing religions in the country. “Our membership has grown by one hundred and fifty percent in the past two years.” The reason for this may lie in its tenets, which don’t forbid us from doing anything at all, it seems. Or perhaps in the fact that there is no official membership list.

“There is only one rule to the Universe,” he preaches, “which even Bongo cannot revoke. But it has a qualifier. The rule is this: You can do anything you can get away with. The qualifier is this: You don’t have to, but if you do, then you must be the one to decide what “getting away with it” means.”

It all seems rather amorphous. Still, if you go on to the website of “The Intergalactic Temple of the Great God Bongo,” which is located at:, you can discover a treasure trove of silly fun things combined with a deep and (possibly) truly spiritual path.

You can sign on for free – there’s a promise posted that they won’t spam you incessantly – and receive by e-mail your free copy of the wonderful Catechism. (full title: The Revered Catechism of the Intergalactic Temple of the Great God Bongo) which like everything else on the site is totally overdone, with wonderful red illuminated capitals and flowery language which basically allows you to celebrate who you are and just exactly who you want to be. Including a lovely wrap up by “The Holy Mother,” whom it turns out is Mrs. Sen.

Bongo promises nothing and seems to not expect anything in return. It’s a contract that many of us in this fast moving society could probably live with. “You are what you eat eats,” quotes one of the over one hundred and twenty Bongoisms. Another one says, “Nothing screws up a good idea quicker than the people who believe in it.” Maybe this religion cannot survive. It doesn’t pander to its followers. I didn’t say believers, because apparently you don’t actually have to believe anything you don’t want to. But then again, it might suit many of us.

There is also a novel for sale on the site, called, what else?

“The High Priest of Prickly Bog.” It was supposedly narrated to Mr. Sen by the Ghost of the dead Hiram Blunt who is its official author. You can read a review of it on

“Celebrate April 9th with us,” says the High priest. “It’s Bongo Day!”

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