Former Talk Host and Religious Skeptic to Address CBN Prayer Center

Talk Radio veteran and former skeptic will be addressing the members of the Christian Broadcasting Network's prayer center on April 15th. Dave Macy is the author of a new book entitled "Doubt Free Living" which is a collection of essays designed to help Christians strengthen their faith.

Nashville, TN, April 07, 2008 --( Dave Macy, former WLAC(Nashville, TN) morning radio host and author of Doubt Free Living, will be addressing members of the CBN Prayer center in Nashville on Monday, April 15th.

Macy, an outspoken skeptic on Nashville radio during mid 90’s, recently completed his book about the crisis in Christianity today. “Many people who identify themselves as Christians (CINOs- Christians in name only) are just warming the pews of American churches and have no idea what it means to be Born Again,” says Macy. “Then there are the BABBUTS- (Born Again Believers-But). They are Christians who are ineffective because they are burdened by their past or doubtful about what they can contribute to the kingdom today, so they sit on their “buts” and do nothing!”

Doubt Free Living has been described as a prescription that will work to make the church well again. It’s a collection of short essays regarding faith and doubt that through simple, biblical teaching, challenges the reader to overcome fear, anxiety, instability, and uncertain faith.

“My message is this: The Bible is not a self-improvement book; it is a God-improve-me book,” says Macy. “It’s time to stop presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ as some sugar coated feel-good formula for an easy life and embrace the truth that we are all sinners in need of a Savior.”

One of the interesting aspects of Macy’s conversion to Christianity had to do with his skepticism. Agnostic at best, Macy spent years investigating everything from Atheism to Zen Buddhism to every kind of self-belief system. “My “Damascus Road” experience began with a head on collision with a lamp post on West End Ave. That was on a Monday morning and by that Sunday I had moved from skepticism to a truly life changing born again experience with the Lord!”

Macy’s speaking engagements often center on skepticism and how Christians can build a solid foundation in their faith through defending their faith (Apologetics). “The Bible tells us to be prepared to give an answer for the hope we have in Christ,” says Macy, “and knowing that the Word of God can be verified as true through prophecy, history, archaeology, and science is not only comforting, but proves that Christianity is not at odds with Reason!”

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