What’s Worse Than Seeing a Bug in Your House? Also Smelling It. Go-Forth Pest Control Can Help with Your Stink Bug Problem.

High Point, NC, October 09, 2019 --(PR.com)-- It seems like everywhere you go these days, from the doctor’s office to the dry cleaners, from the grocery store to the department store, and then inside your own office and home, you’re seeing stink bugs. They are annoying, unsightly, and on top of it all, produce a terrible smell when you try to squash them.

Why are they invading our space? Stink bugs, or the brown marmorated stink bug in our area, are an agricultural pest. Their threat isn’t to humans, but our crops. They are occasional invaders, meaning they only come into our homes when they find an opening or are looking for an attractive resting spot. They aren’t infesting our homes, eating our food, endangering our health, or destroying our structures. For homeowners, they are simply annoying.

So what can we do about them? According to Chase Hazelwood, pest expert and third generation owner of Go-Forth Pest Control, here is what to do to build your best defense:

1. Stink Bugs are attracted to white (or very light colored) window frames and door frames. Make sure all of these entry points are completely sealed shut. Look out for gaps and holes or broken screens. Use caulk and weather stripping to ensure a tight seal.

2. If you keep your doors or windows open to enjoy the nice weather, don’t be surprised if stink bugs fly on in. So to prevent this, try to keep them closed or at least use a screen door without any holes or rips.

3. Stink bugs are agricultural pests. So to control their population around your home, you need to treat outdoors - focusing on the vegetation on your property, which is where they rest and breed.

“We get inundated with calls in the early Fall as stink bugs invade the homes and offices of the Triad. While we offer services to remedy their stink bug problem, homeowners can also reduce the numbers inside their homes by making sure pest entry points are sealed,” says Hazelwood.

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