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JOpt Vehicle Routing Optimizer enables fleet operators to reduce overall carbon dioxide emission.

Bonn, Germany, April 08, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Since version 2.2.0 (codename GREEN) the JOpt Vehicle Routing Optimizer comes with a built in emission assessment and optimization scheme that allows fleet operators to determine and optimize their overall carbon dioxide emission. Beside calculation of the overall and per route emissions, JOpt determines an optimum schedule with optimum energy efficency in terms of trucks payload to empty ratio as well as overall road mileage. Hence vehicles are automatically dispatched in a way that leads to a minimum carbon dioxide emission. Of course all other planning objectives like time windows, load capacities, working times and so forth keep being satisfied as well.

"Road transport generates about one fifth of the EU's CO2 emissions, with passenger cars responsible for around 12%. Although there have been significant improvements over recent years in vehicle technology - particularly in fuel efficiency, which translates into lower CO2 emissions – these have not been enough to neutralise the effect of increases in traffic and car size. While the EU-25 reduced overall emissions of greenhouse gases by almost 5% between 1990 and 2004, CO2 emissions from road transport rose by 26%", European Commission (IP/07/155, Date: 07/02/2007)

"Reading the figures, DNA sees the importance of reducing emissions for road transport. Therefore we are proud to deliver a core technology that easily enables assessment of C02 emission and energy efficiency and delivers a reasonable foundation for setting up emission reduction strategies alongside transportation networks and supply chains. With JOpt 2.2.0 (codename GREEN) fleet operators can make their contribution to a better climate while additionally saving cost and time throughout an optimum vehicle schedule that is automatically calculated by JOpt within minutes", says Vincent Mayer, DNA.

About DNA: DNA provides flexible and ready-to-use applications, .NET, Java & J2EE components as well as web services for planning and optimization jobs to help customers to find the best solutions for their business. DNA's software tools enable customers to cope with complex problems and rapid decisioning. Software vendors or IT service providers use DNA's software modules to complement and enhance products or projects with innovative and special expertise features such as automatic resource planning and route optimization, GIS functions and enterprise integration components.

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