All SUSE OpenStack Customers Can Receive Free Migration Path to FishOS OpenStack by Sardina Systems

Birmingham, United Kingdom, October 18, 2019 --( Sardina Systems is announcing free migration path to FishOS OpenStack to all SUSE OpenStack customers that want to continue to benefit from the market-leading choice open-source software for private clouds.

SUSE, formerly a Platinum member and a board member in the OpenStack Foundation, has announced last week that the company is leaving the OpenStack Cloud table, even though as Mark Collier, OpenStack COO said, the market adoption is “strong and growing” by about 20 per cent a year, according to recent figures and projections.

So as to ensure that customers with production SUSE OpenStack system needing long term support as well as continuous innovation, Sardina Systems is offering all SUSE OpenStack customers a free migration path to FishOS OpenStack platform, which has been engineered for zero-downtime cloud operations, with a full complement of Day 2 Ops tools and upgrade tools.

Sardina Systems strongly believes in the unmatched value that OpenStack, the most widely deployed open-source cloud infrastructure software, brings to enterprises.

“We are prepared to provide system continuity to all SUSE OpenStack customers, and while the customers’ business will not be interrupted nor affected, there are more benefits that we deliver with FishOS, such as reduced cost, better reliability and scalability, automated cloud operations tools, and a starting license price list from EUR 35/core annually," says Keith Corless, Director of Business Development, Sardina Systems.

Built on OpenStack’s extensive foundation, Sardina FishOS features full distribution of OpenStack, Kubernetes, Ceph, providing a platform to enable rapid deployment (in the Deploy phase), efficient, reliable and scalable operations (in the Operate phase), and market-unique Zero-Downtime upgrade (in the Upgrade phase).

The FishOS solution architecture is flexible to scale up compute, storage, networking, and management to fit enterprise workload growth. FishOS' distributed architecture enables high availability by default, intelligent self-healing operations, seamless rolling upgrades, scaling to thousands of servers, improving utilization and lowering costs.

The discontinuance of the SUSE OpenStack product should not affect enterprise customers’ business. Ask for a free transition to FishOS at info @ .

About Sardina Systems

Founded in 2014, Sardina Systems makes infrastructure invisible, elevating IT to focus on enterprise applications and services. FishOS natively converges server, storage, virtualization, and networking into a resilient, software-defined AI-based solution. Optimized performance, cloud flexibility, robust security, for all enterprise applications at any scale.

Sardina Systems has operations in Romania, Russia, and the UK.
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