Women Owned Small Businesses Save Big by Utilizing a New Pioneering PBX Outsourcing Service

Traditionally, telecom problems have caused budget nightmares for women owned companies. Women are finding new ways of managing old problems.

Rowlett, TX, March 16, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The lack of formal training in various systems leaves businesses to guess on how long it takes to program or repair a much needed piece of hardware like your phone system.

PBXLance.com has been recently launched to allow small businesses to take back control of their telecom project expenses.

Industry Analyst Rick Cruz notes "Women owned businesses are proving to be savvy shoppers when it comes to services like phone system replacement or phone system programming, more and more are turning to services like PBXLance.com to bid out telecom services."

PBXLance.com allows business owners to specify the telecom requirements, budget and timed deadline for a project. In turn qualified telecom professionals bid for the business. It’s like a backwards eBay in which the bidding normally goes lower rather then higher. Business owners no longer have to rely on often expensive and sometimes unreliable phone vendors for telephone services. They are embracing the idea of letting qualified professionals bid on their projects and having the freedom of selection.

PbxLance.com allows for businesses to rate service providers and leave feedback giving other businesses useful information about transactions. This further saves time and makes the decision process faster and easier for women owned small businesses. Women are finding it easier to focus on their business and less on their telecom problems. "Loving the site thus far!” raves -GrahamMJ, a pbx freelancer on the site.

PBXLance.com offers free templates for requests for quotes, and even allows job postings to their network of freelancers. There are certifications which freelancers can attain in order to verify their information for safety purposes. Also businesses can be verified so freelancers can rest easy and know they will be paid for their work. PBXLance.com also offers a safe escrow service to protect both sides from financial harm. PBXLance.com is a division of Pbxinfo.com, a free Pbx information site, with over 17,000 registered phone system professionals.

PBXLance is an international telecom service where businesses who need phone system projects completed can find qualified pbx professionals in a safe, business-friendly atmosphere. Businesses can hand pick from a pool of talented pbx freelancers to get their job done. PBX Freelancers are given access to a large repository of remote or on site potential work and have the ability to work independently from their homes rather then for a company.

Rick Cruz