YouTube Sensation Markiplier Goes CRAZY in Austin Film Industry

YouTube's Markiplier produces short film CRAZY with Austin Filmmaker.

Austin, TX, October 19, 2019 --( YouTube celebrity Markiplier (24 million subscribers/followers) has joined forces with film industry veteran Holt Boggs (Sons of Anarchy, Queen of the South) to produce the Boggs written and directed short film, CRAZY.

The film is exactly what the tile says, CRAZY. Opening in a diner, it plays with all the clichés found in crime dramas like Goodfellas or Heat. Stanley (Holt Boggs) is a mob boss who meets with an assassin (Brian Villalobos) after successfully "taking out" late-night talk show host, Conan O’Brien. And that’s where it starts to get weird.

Already garnering excellent reviews, the film is receiving buzz not only from Markiplier’s fan base, but from film critics around the world. Chris Olson from The UK Film Review has given it 5 stars, stating, “This may very well be the best dark comedy of 2019!” CRAZY has already been submitted to Sundance, Tribeca, and the South by Southwest film festivals to name a few.

Markiplier and Boggs met on the set of A Heist with Markiplier, a project the YouTube star was producing. The two immediately hit it off so well that later, when Markiplier heard the concept Boggs was working on for his own side project, he was immediately interested. “The idea was too good not to exist.”

Aside from being the executive producer, Fischbach flew into Austin to help on set and has a cameo role in the film as well.

A Heist with Markiplier releases on October 30 on YouTube.

You can see the teaser for CRAZY and learn more about the film at the official website For more information on the film and possible screeners, please contact:

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