DialAmerica and SurchX Partner to Improve Merchant Margins

Phoenix, AZ, October 28, 2019 --(PR.com)-- SurchX, the trusted surcharging solution for card-not-present merchants, and Dial America, one of the largest privately held teleservices centers in the United States, are pleased to announce a partnership to introduce DialAmerica’s call center brands to the SurchX SaaS integration. SurchX works with many current platforms to calculate the surcharging fees associated with a customer’s credit card in real time. The partnership will empower DialAmerica’s merchants to implement a fully compliant transaction fee for purchases made with a credit card.

“Our case studies have already proven the value of SurchX to call centers, and we’re delighted to have a partner like DialAmerica working with us,” said Robert Maynard, SurchX founder.

Credit card processing fees have long been a major pain point for merchants, especially online merchants who often have tight margins. Implementing SurchX is free to merchants and provides an opportunity to increase net margins without having to change any of their hardware, ecommerce platform, or merchant processor. By partnering with SurchX, DialAmerica can be a real help to its brands.

“Our initial relationship with SurchX has evolved from where at first we were a merchant, to where we're now entering into a very exciting partnership,” said John Redlinger, CEO of DialAmerica. “We look forward to our growing client base now having the capability and the choice to recover their processing fees.”

How does dynamic surcharging work? During checkout, SurchX’s advanced software identifies the type of credit card being used. It then calculates the maximum surcharge amount allowable under card issuer regulations and state and federal law. That amount is then added, real time, as a line item at checkout labeled “transaction fee.”

Customers can avoid the fee by choosing another payment method, such as debit card or ACH transfer if available. With nearly two years of transactional data, SurchX has proven that a transaction fee has no material effect on conversion rates or customer retention.

About SurchX

SurchX enables merchants to seamlessly recover their credit card processing fees, potentially adding up to 30% to their bottom lines. Because of its trust, credibility and momentum in the enterprise e-commerce space, SurchX is changing the profit game for retailers in the United States.

Powered by proprietary technology, the company’s free software uses a sophisticated algorithm to empower merchants to compliantly recover losses from interchange fees and boost their bottom lines. SurchX identifies card type and jurisdiction rules and then calculates the associated fees. With this information, SurchX adds the transaction cost to the customer’s itemized cart in real-time at checkout. No PCI compliance is necessary, and legal compliance with state and federal regulations is guaranteed.

For more information, visit https://www.surchx.com

About DialAmerica

One of the nation's largest privately held teleservices companies, DialAmerica provides customized, cost-effective customer acquisition and customer service contact center solutions. Started in 1957, the company was named one of the 'Top 50 Teleservices Agencies for 2015' by TMC; ranking third in both inbound and outbound U.S. domestic teleservices. DialAmerica's contact center agents conduct more than 300,000 customer interactions, per day, for a diverse portfolio of clients in multiple industry sectors, including consumer products, communications, energy, financial services, food services, fundraising, healthcare, leisure, pharmaceutical, technology, travel, among others. Headquartered in Mahwah, N.J., DialAmerica's network of U.S.-based contact centers spans 21 locations across 13 states. To learn more about DialAmerica, visit www.dialamerica.com.
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