Delete Duplicate Photos from Your Smartphone with Duplicate Photo Cleaner 5.10

Duplicate Photo Cleaner introduces a new scan mode that allows users to find and delete duplicate photos from Android and iOS devices.

Fort Myers, FL, November 01, 2019 --( WebMinds' award-winning image similarity finder, Duplicate Photo Cleaner for Windows, introduces a new scan mode for smartphones. The new Media Device Scan mode works with all types of smartphones that support MTP (Media Transfer Protocol), which means that it's perfect for both iPhones and Android devices.

Users Store Up to 30% of Duplicate & Similar Photos on Their Phones

A recent study by Avast discovered that up to 30% of all photos people keep on their smartphones are either duplicates or low-quality similar shots. The exact percentage varied by country, with Japanese users keeping the highest number of bad shots, as many as 31% of all their photos. In the USA, the number is slightly lower at 27%.

The problem with storing duplicate and low-quality shots is that people not only clutter their albums with photos they don't need but also waste precious storage space. With an average photo taking up 3MB (or much more if high-quality settings are used), most users are likely wasting over 1GB of storage space on useless pictures. Moreover, Google Photos users who haven't set up their phones to sync photos over WiFi only are literally paying for each duplicate or blurry photo they store.

These findings confirm the need for a reliable and easy to use duplicate photo finder for smartphones, as bad photos take up precious gigabytes of smartphone storage space. Duplicate Photo Cleaner is the first desktop app that lets users find, manage and remove duplicate images from all their devices simultaneously.

DPC's New Media Device Scan Mode

Duplicate Photo Cleaner's new Media Device Scan uses the MTP protocol to detect duplicate and similar photos on smartphones connected via USB and offers efficient ways to bulk-delete useless photos. The advantage of this mode is that it can scan and process all images on all connected phones simultaneously - there is no need for the user to open the file browser and navigate to folders like DCIM, Camera, and anywhere else where duplicate photos may be located. The advantage of this approach is that no duplicate or similars will be missed, as even folders like WhatsApp images and Screenshots will be scanned automatically.

Using the new Media Device Scan is simple: all the user needs to do is connect the smartphone(s) via USB, launch Duplicate Photo Cleaner, select Media Device Scan from the scan modes menu, and follow the prompts. Once DPC finished scanning the device, users will be able to review the results, use handy bulk selection options, and delete all bad photos in just one mouse click.

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