PubHTML5 Offers a Simple Solution for Digital Magazine Publishing

PubHTML5, a leading provider of digital publishing solutions, offers a simple solution for users to create, publish and share digital magazines online.

Hong Kong, China, November 02, 2019 --( PubHTML5 as a company has played an important role in taking the digital magazine publishing industry to a higher level by offering a platform for organizations and individuals to broadcast their magazines. So far, individuals and business organizations have developed great interests in using the platform due to its fantastic way of operating as magazines can be done either online or offline. Statistically, the number of users is increasing day by day, resulting in the widening of PubHTML5 networks all over the world.

Ann Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said, “The days when coming up with an attractive magazine was hard are gone. PubHTML5 software is now making things easier by enabling conversion of a PDF file into an eye-catching magazine within minutes and sharing it on social media handles. We are going to take advantage of the internet to make the world a global village.”

PubHTML5 has gone a step further in making it easy for digital magazine publishing by incorporating social media platforms that enable information to be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Nearly all internet gadgets such as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones can access the PubHTML5 platform whether online or offline. Through Facebook, websites and other social media handles, shared magazines can reach the target audience and aid in building new business relations. What the world wants to hear and see today in magazines is the beauty of the customized background and templates, so PubHTML5 team of professionals is devoted to expressing that impression.

It comes along with over 150+ customizing user interfaces which can be regulated according to the particular requirements. Either create colored bookmarks, custom backgrounds, logos or videos. Now everything is possible on one platform. The software offers cloud features. PubHTML5 Cloud provides secure end to end encrypted digital experience that is all worth it.

“It is now easy to come up with a fascinating magazine, courtesy of PubHTML5 software unlike in the ancient days, all you need to do is to upload your PDF file or images to PubHTML5 and your online magazine that is worth sharing with people will be ready within minutes,” Ann Lee, Chief Designer of PubHTML5 said. Most businesses employing the PubHTML5 technic are going to gain a large market share as they will be able to come up with very impressive magazines, their clients will be convinced to buy the services within the first glance on the beautiful magazine.

A PDF file can now be converted to a page flipping magazine by uploading it to PubHTML5 software and within a short period of time, an online magazine will be produced. This magazine can then be hosted on the PubHTML5 cloud service. This is truly a simple solution for digital magazine publishing.

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