NuvOx Pharma US Patent Issuance - Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy with an Oxygen Therapeutic

Tucson, AZ, November 03, 2019 --( NuvOx Pharma, Inc, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing NanO2TM emulsion for oxygen delivery today announced the issuance of US Patent 10,456,468 – Fractionated Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy with an Oxygen Therapeutic. NanO2TM emulsion is designed to increase tumor oxygen levels to make tumors more sensitive to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, and the new patent covers the technology for these applications.

Evan Unger MD, CEO of NuvOx, said, “Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are very common treatments for many types of solid tumors, but most solid tumors are hypoxic which limits the efficacy of these treatments. Our drug has a novel mechanism designed to increase tumor oxygen levels to make tumors more sensitive to these treatments. We are pleased that the US Patent office has issued this important patent to complement the rest of our intellectual property portfolio.”

The National Cancer Institute has awarded a grant to test NanO2TM emulsion Phase II clinical trial in the brain tumor, glioblastoma. These tumors are commonly hypoxic and radiation therapy and chemotherapy are both part of the standard of care.

NuvOx is a privately held biotechnology company based in Tucson, Arizona, that has clinical programs for NanO2TM emulsion in both glioblastoma and stroke. For further information, please contact John McGonigle at

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