Spinstatz is Changing the Music Industry

A new music promotional system, which is called "SpinStatz," is changing the way independent artists are getting their music played in the clubs. Building a way for new artists to connect to DJs, adding a way for "Club Spins" to increase publishing revenue. Also, the new System is allowing the DJs to have extra controllable income.

Nashville, TN, November 06, 2019 --(PR.com)-- So many have dreams of one day realizing their full potential. Such is the case for Micah Otis, owner, and creator of Spinstatz, LLC. After years of success building and running music studios, producing music, managing careers, even signing Grammy Award Nominated artists to his label, Micah had enough mental data to create a revolutionary software designed to connect the independent artist and the DJ. When asked about his success, Otis replies, "I've always felt successful, but never comfortable being in the spotlight, it's just not my personality." However, as the creator & owner of a system that is rewriting the music industry; that is where he finds himself, even coining the new term "Club Spins."

The Spinstatz business model is different from any other similarly presented package. There are levels of success that can be obtained once an artist has proven club statistics, and to kick this off with a regional tour in the cities where the artist has grown an organic fan base. This gives the artist access to make a human connection immediately, whereas in most cases artists are segments of their imagination. "This is a game changer," says Paul Wright, former president of Zomba Records.

The company’s network contains over 5,000 DJs from all over the world. The idea is for their music review team to agree on the top ten best submitted independent music projects and have a month-long competition where artists can follow their placing on their charts. They send there top DJs the selected music for the month and they agree to play this music simultaneously in a specific region. This is what sets Spinstatz apart from any other service that is out there. It has been proven that this method will generate a growing buzz in that region and that artist becomes famous City by City.

The best thing about the system is the generation of additional income to the sometimes starving artists & DJs.

Company owner, Micah Otis, says, "When I come home I am greeted each time with so much excitement: Dad! I know after the lights are out and the show is over, they are all trying to provide. It is really important to me to be a revenue producing company, not just for myself, but for others who believe in this model."
William Harris