PC Guard Software Copy Protection System 06.00.0620 is Out

SOFPRO - Software Protection Labs has released new update for their software copy protection and licensing solution for .NET framework and Windows applications.

Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro, November 07, 2019 --(PR.com)-- This update brings some new features, improvements and fixes.

What's new:
[+] PyInstaller management code has been improved.
[+] Added support for PyInstaller One-File bundled applications.
Both One-Folder and One-File bundled applications are now supported.
[+] Added support for digitally signed PyInstaller applications.
Both One-Folder and One-File bundled applications can now be digitally signed after protection.
[+] Added support for 32bit Python 3.6 PyInstaller One-Folder apps.
[+] New command line option for protected applications: PCG_CL_LOGFILE
Default log filename is "default.log" and it can be changed in Logging settings. This filename is embedded into protected application during protection process. By default, log file is located in license directory on remote machine.
Use this option to override default log filename and location by passing it via command line to protected application.

[+] New sample projects added:

- Sample C/C++, VB.NET and C# console application which demonstrates usage of alternate protection interface (VS 2019 project).
- Sample C/C++ console application which demonstrates usage of protection interface environment variables (VS 2019 project).
[!] Few alternate protection interface implementation fixes.
[!] Few other minor fixes and security improvements.

More info: https://www.sofpro.com/pc-guard

Trial versions can be requested online: https://www.sofpro.com
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