Larry Wilson, on the Heels of Wild Reviews, Releases "The World's Saddest Song" to Country Radio

Nashville, TN, November 13, 2019 --( Larry Wilson & God's Country Band has been blown away by the reception of the group's latest single on AOK Records. Radio stations worldwide, in the secondary market, have added the song to rave reviews. Effective November 12th the release "The World's Saddest Song" will be available to mainstream Country stations across the globe. Written by Wilson, this song encourages the listener to take the time to reflect on the lyrics written by their actions. The song is available through all primary release platforms, including iHeart, iTunes, and Apple Music.

Larry Wilson Bio:

99.5% of the human population will never stand on stage and sing or write a song over the course of their entire lives. Larry Wilson had accomplished both of these by the time he was 8 years old. At the age of 7, he began singing “House of Gold,” by the venerable Hank Williams, Sr. He played his first penned song for his mother who inquired as to what group had put that song out on the radio. No one had, of course, as her son had just created his first musical piece. Since that time, hundreds have followed. They still sound just like solid gold country hits.

Raised in a devout Christian home, Larry’s family did not listen to much secular music. During this time his soulful voice developed on the hymns of the church. However, every chance he got his ear and his heart were drawn toward the sounds of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Buck Owens and Elvis. His crooning nature was equally honed on the incomparable Kenny Hinson. In his 20’s, Larry immersed himself in writing and developing his own voice. This focus only intensified with the passing of his mother, as he dealt with grief and growth the way artists do…he picked up a pen.

Larry is a story teller, weaving images and emotions together as he infuses a melody sure to please the ear. He communicates several messages through his artistry. The first message is that of the Gospel. The second is that the best secular songs still have a positive influence and a wholesome delivery. There really is no target audience or demographic for Larry’s music. It transcends such labels, as a performance by Larry and his band, “God’s Country” will delight those of all ages and socioeconomic stations.

As a band, Larry Wilson and God’s Country had its inception in 2005. 4 albums and hundreds of performances later, they have a solid grassroots fan base. Their most well-known single to date, “A Rag and a Rock” found its place at #30 in the US and broke the Top 20 in Europe. Having been raised on the music of Cash, a major highlight in Larry’s career was the opportunity to render a duet with Tommy Cash, entitled “White Robe.” This song has found a special place in the hearts of fans nationwide…and even the Cash family.

The man who started out as a 7-year old kid still sings, “House of Gold” from time to time with what has been called a voice of “solid Country gold.” He is now a respected guitar slinger, full of twang and reminiscent of Burton and Nichols.

Want to know what God’s Country sounds like? Check out Larry Wilson.
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