Da Vinci Press Announces Release of New Ebook "Leonardo da Vinci Cartographer and Inventor of the Google Map" by Prize Winning Author Ann C. Pizzorusso

Prize winning author Ann C. Pizzorusso reveals the extraordinary talent of Leonardo da Vinci as a map maker. In this easily readable, richly illustrated book, she explains how da Vinci developed many measuring instruments and artistic techniques to make maps that the world had seen before.

New York, NY, November 14, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Just think, we can access any location on Earth with a simple click on our computer or cell phone. This wasn't always the case as today's technology did not exist. This book serves to show the vital importance of maps and the little known, but extraordinary accomplishments of Leonardo da Vinci as a Renaissance cartographer. Since many examples of his maps survive today, (with and extensive collection in the Royal Collection Library at Windsor Castle), we can see not only his skill, but the instruments he invented to achieve nearly perfect accuracy in his measurements. He melded his knowledge of geology, engineering, surveying, hydrology and of course art to revolutionize cartography. We can see his innovations on every map we use today, including the Google Map.
Da Vinci Press
Christine O'Donald