Call for Remixers: "Borders" Remix Contest Announced

Remix artists are invited to try their hand at a remix of this dance-rock tune.

Madison, WI, April 10, 2008 --( "Borders" is a dance-rock tune, professionally recorded and mixed, that will be released in Summer 2008 on an album of progressive rock/pop by independent artist Ben Seigel. Remix artists are invited to take the original tracks of the recording and create their own mix.

Said the artist: "After more than two years of effort towards this album, finally nearing its completion, I'm glad to present one of the songs for reinterpretation by a talented remixer. With lots of busy, progressive and danceable riffs throughout, 'Borders' offers a lot of good raw material for contest entrants."

Raw tracks are offered under a licensing agreement similar to Creative Commons Share-alike Non-commercial scheme. While contest entrants do not retain ownership of the original mix, they may use their own remixes for any positive, non-commercial purpose, i.e., as backing tracks for a skateboard video or independent film.

The "Borders" remix contest is a great opportunity for aspiring remixers to earn some recognition and publicity for their work, as the winner has the potential to see their remix included on Ben Seigel's album, scheduled for release in Summer 2008. The winning track may also be offered for download on the official album web site, MySpace, and other web sites.

For more information, and to acquire tracks for remix, prospective contest entrants should visit:

About the artist:

Ben Seigel is an independent composer of progressive rock and pop music, based in Madison, Wisconsin. He is currently in the final stages of recording a ten-song LP scheduled for release in Summer, 2008.

Ben Seigel