iDeaPLAY Launches Two New Portable Power Stations - Charge Your Adventures

iDeaPLAY portable power stations allow outdoor lovers and weekend warriors to embrace adventure without sacrificing technology.

Chino, CA, November 21, 2019 --( Electronic gadgets have become an integral part of people’s lives. Smartphones, Bluetooth speakers, tablet PCs, wearables, action cameras, headphones, and much more. The modern consumer uses a multitude of electronics, but keeping all these gadgets charged poses a problem, especially if going off-grid or when there is a power cut.

Affordable and portable power is a necessity. iDeaPLAY believes they have come up with a solution that provides power for essentials from blackouts to campouts. Available in a choice of colors they stand out from the competition.

The new iDeaPLAY BP300 and BP200 portable power stations are the latest utilitarian consumer products. Designed to meet the demands of a modern, mobile lifestyle providing power whenever and wherever it's needed.

“These power stations are built around high energy lithium-ion batteries. With efficient power cells providing a long-lasting output that's ideal for outdoor trips and hobbies,” advised the companies Marketing Manager.

iDeaPLAY has ensured that after a night of charging the BP300 and BP200 power stations hold enough energy to charge most laptops, tablets, and smartphones dozens of times, With three charging options it’s easy to keep these power stations charged on or off the grid.

A 60W PD output on the BP300 provides 70% faster charging than a standard USB port. So an iPhone XS can receive an 80% charge in as little as one hour.

The BP200 is a slimmer power station weighing just 1.5KG. Thanks to its 4 USB outputs it can facilitate the charging of multiple smartphones, tablet PCs and wearables at the same time.

Both the BP200 and BP300 power stations offer AC output ports. This offers support for small appliances such as continuous positive airway pressure, (CAPA) ventilators, use to treat sleep apnea.

“We see our power station products as a tool to provide power to consumers in remote areas without stable electricity, during emergencies and power outages or for outdoor enthusiasts and travel bloggers wanting to keep connected to the world no matter where they are,” concluded the firms Marketing Manager.

About iDeaPLAY

Founded in 2011 iDeaPLAY is based in sunny Southern California. It produces a range of consumer electronics that are sold both online and through brick and mortar stores. The main markets are in the United States and Europe.
James Mash
Marketing Manager