, Open Source Blockchain Project, Rolls-Out ethoFS - A Decentralized Website Hosting & File Sharing Protocol That Aims to Combat Web Censorship

Silicon Valley, CA, November 16, 2019 --( In an industry first move, Ether-1 ( has completed a network wide deployment of their decentralized, immutable data hosting protocol called ethoFS. With their unique democratized and "decentralize everything" approach, this latest technological advancement furthers the ideals originally taken mainstream by people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

EthoFS ( combines blockchain technology and IPFS creating a simple to use hosting platform that allows anyone to store data across a network of nodes with several levels of redundancy and immutability built into the decentralized system. The ethoFS system prevents a multitude of attack vectors and censorship efforts to allow any data or website to be hosted beyond the reach of "big brother."

"The network wide ethoFS roll-out is a major milestone for us and takes our anti-censorship and free-speech stance to the next level," stated James Reilly, the project's founder. Ether-1's unique decentralized management structure has enabled the project to reach major development milestones in a relatively short period of time and is likely to become more prevalent across the blockchain industry as decentralized communities start to take control of a technology originally built for pure decentralization and democratization.

About Ether-1

The Ether-1 Project is an open-source community-based effort to bring the decentralized and anti-censorship movement to hosted data using the ethoFS website and data hosting platform. Ether-1 is powered by it's own cryptocurrency ticker symbol (ETHO) and can be found on and other leading exchanges.
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