Metalab Partners with Roping Legend Walt Woodard to Develop Revolutionary Bit Collection

This new line of bits incorporates technology, quality, a lifetime of world class roping experience and success for all levels of training.

Kinston, CO, November 17, 2019 --( Metalab, a division of Partrade Trading Company, is proud to announce the partnership and collaboration with team roping legend Walt Woodard. This exciting partnership has produced a new product line of roping bits, the Walt Woodard Roper’s Collection, that is now available to the marketplace. The collection has a wide array of types and styles of bits that have been specifically designed to assist in the training progression and mouth development of the roping horse from the young horse to seasoned horse.

Pivotal Design Factors
The collection is based on a step-by-step progression from one bit to the next. As the horse ages from a young training prospect to an experienced mount, their mouth matures as their training does. The manufacturing of each bit has been designed to complement this progression. For example, some horses may not need a port on the tongue for pressure, and pressure from a snaffle is enough for the horse for clear communication. The sides of the bit line also have a sleeve on the cheek, so the horse is guaranteed to be free of pinching from the side. Thus, allowing increased concentration and comfort. There is a bit for every roping horse of every age within this revolutionarily designed line.

In the Words of Walt Woodard
“For over 40 years now, I have taught people how to rope and ride in clinics all over the world, and I discovered that people really don’t understand how important it is to adjust the bit to fit the horse for each level of his training. I wanted to educate ropers about the need to properly bit the horse at each stage of his development,” Walt Woodard, living legend of the team roping world. Woodard has qualified for the NFR over 20 times and has accumulated over 1 million dollars in lifetime earnings. He currently holds two world titles and is considered to be one of the best ropers in the industry.

“Metalab has a reputation for producing high quality bits that are professionally tested for superior performance. When I was approached by the Metalab Team to develop a line of bits based on my training methods, I knew they would be the perfect partner to team with for developing this line. Metalab has helped me create a comprehensive collection of bits that incorporate the training techniques that I have developed over the years.

“The Walt Woodard Roper’s Bit Collection is tailored to fit each horse’s age and temperament at each level of his training. It is a simple, logical system designed to help educate ropers on proper bit selection at each stage, as the horse progresses. A young horse doesn’t need the same bit as an older, more finished horse. If you give the horse what he needs, he’ll give you what you need. Used together, the collection will efficiently move a horse through training from beginner to polished competitor.

“I am pleased with the quality and performance that Metalab has designed into these bits. They are balanced for the perfect feel to work for a horse of any age and for riders of all levels,” says Woodard.

The Walt Woodard Roper’s Bit Collection
Legendary team roper Walt Woodard’s collection is a comprehensive system of bits that are tailored to fit each horse’s age and temperament at each level of his development. From O-ring and Dee ring snaffles for novice horses to shank snaffles and correcting bits for those with more experience, the Roper’s Collection will efficiently move a horse through training from beginner to polished competitor. For a detailed description of how the bits work, check out Walt’s instructional videos on our YouTube channel.

About Metalab, a division of Partrade
Since 1955, Partrade Trading Company has become a premier international distributor for world-class bits, spurs and riding equipment. Our success was founded on true dedication to selecting innovative products for the novice rider to the Olympic competitor. In 1998, Partrade partnered with the world class manufacturer Eastwest International Enterprises, which has over 41 years of experience in producing top quality products. This partnership led to the development of the innovative equestrian brands Metalab and Lami-Cell. Metalab offers the most extensive selection of bits, spurs and stirrups for any discipline or training purpose. Each product is made from the finest materials and is extensively tested by professionals to ensure superior quality and a long-lasting performance. When you’re buying Metalab, you’re buying quality.
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