MSI Press New Release a Finalist for American Book Fest Best Books Award (Religion)

MSI Press new release, "One Family: Indivisible," is a beautiful and earnest memoir that urges readers to embrace rather than fear their spiritual differences.

Hollister, CA, November 19, 2019 --( Do you remember the first moment you learned about the things that divide us? Race? Religion? Gender? In One Family: Indivisible, Steven Greenebaum shares his life story through the prism of spirituality.

Throughout our lives we learn a multitude of lessons from a multitude of different experiences and each lesson shapes us. Greenebaum remembers the moment in his childhood when as a young Jew he first understood the Holocaust. He remembers falling out with his father over patriarchy. He remembers the grief of losing far too many loved ones. And he remembers questioning God.

His spiritual crises led to a revelation. There is no inherently “right” or “wrong” spiritual tradition. What counts are not our beliefs, but what we do with them. This moment of understanding spurred him toward a new faith: Interfaith.

Throughout his life, Greenebaum felt he was called to action, and at a young age he learned that most doors won’t open unless you kick them open. This memoir catalogues a life spent working to break through the door to mutual respect.
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Betty Leaver