Loveforce International Signs Alternative Rock Band Teacherz

Loveforce International Signs Alternative Rock Band Teacherz to a Record and Publishing Deal.

Santa Clarita, CA, November 20, 2019 --( Loveforce International Records signed Alternative Rock Band Teacherz. The band consists of musicians who teach in a rough neighborhood of a major city. They work for a large, uncaring, perpetually broke, public school district. Their songs focus on the plight of teachers and students and often get to the heart of the issues in public education.

The contract between Loveforce International and Teacherz includes a number of single releases handled through Loveforce International Records and a dual publishing deal where original songs written by the band and / or its members will be published by Loveforce International Music and a fan book will be published by Loveforce International Publishing. The deal will be a worldwide exclusive. The singles will be released on a multitude of major music sales and streaming platforms. The Fan Book will be distributed primarily through Amazon and some key book distributors.

Teacherz songs, have titles like "Welcome To Our Institution," “Just A Teacher” and “Cafeteria Food.” They focus on the plight of teachers and students and issues in public education.

Band members take on character rolls of different types of teachers. For example, one is a teacher who is always nagging students to do their work or turn it in. He wants everything done exactly as he assigned it and doesn’t accept late assignments. He yells a lot. Another is a teacher wants the kids to have fun when they learn gives them easy assignments. He doesn’t mind if they use a cell phone in class.

Despite the fact that they are actually an alternative Rock band, Teacherz has previously recorded for popular Punk-Upstart Record Label Mystic Records. They have appeared on CD’s with bands like Bad Religion, Government Issue, Dr. Know and RKL. Their punk version of an original song “I Don’t Want To Fight” (available on the Mystic Records' “It Ain’t My War” classic compilation CD) is considered by some to be possibly the longest punk song ever recorded. Others have called it an anti-war anthem that mixes the sensibilities of British punk classic “Anarchy in the UK” with The Beatles “A Day In The Life.”

“We are happy to sign Teacherz,” said Loveforce International’s Mark Thomas. "They are a fun band that also makes you think, that’s a powerful combination. They also serve a niche market which is woefully under represented by quality compositions," he continued.

Loveforce International Records plans to begin releasing singles on Teacherz in January 2020. With the Fan Book to follow soon after.

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