CiGen Releases Free eBook: Complete Guide to Implementing RPA Across 11 Industries

This downloadable eBook on how to get started with RPA deployment contains: Practical benefits that companies can achieve by implementing RPA; Real world use cases for RPA in many industries; Which processes to automate to enhance performance; How to measure the ROI of RPA deployment.

Melbourne, Australia, December 21, 2019 --( CiGen, Australian pure-play specialist in the realms of robotic process automation and intelligent automation, releases complete guide to implementing RPA across 11 industries, revealing secrets from their experience of over 4 years in the industry.

The Free Ebook contains answers to the questions CiGen has received most often from their clients and readers:

- The evolution of the RPA industry
- How to decide which processes to automate
- Attended versus unattended robots
- The real benefits of implementing robotic process automation
- How to measure the ROI of RPA deployment
- Real world use cases from implementing RPA in 11 different industries

Any business that is not sure how to start the automation journey... Can download the eBook to learn how to implement robotic process automation in your company and gain advantage over the competition. The Complete Guide to Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Across 11 Industries is now available for free on CiGen’s website.

Supporting quotes

Lencia Fruit Juices started using CiGen’s RPA Robots for Hire in 2017 and has since expanded the service to incorporate several processes:

- Tracking and upload of proof of delivery documentation to their cloud-based ERP application
- Processing of payments and credits in payments gateway
- Goods delivery processing and manifest documentation in customer portal

Lencia’s Director, Paul Plunkett stated, “We have been working with the CiGen team and their RPA Robots for Hire service for a while now. The primary benefits to our business are the high degree of accuracy and processing speed, improved turnaround of payments and most importantly, our staff winning back time to focus on business growth.”

Read more about their projects in the industry case studies that they publish regularly on their blog.

For more information on how they can help your organisation actualise the benefits of robotic process automation, achieve rapid ROI and cultivate a flexible operational environment for your future growth - contact them using the email address or phone number listed below.

About CiGen
CiGen, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia has been at the forefront of Robotic Process Automation in the Asia-Pacific region since 2015. We are a boutique, pure-play RPA and Intelligent Automation specialist. We partner with organisations to help them actualise the benefits of process automation, achieve rapid ROI and cultivate a flexible operational environment for their future growth.

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Daniel Pullen
+61 3 8618 6969