PMP Insights Announces Online CAPM/PMP Exam Prep Workshop

Leading project management professional consulting practice in Boulder, Colorado announces PMP course and online workshop event for January 4, 2020.

Boulder, CO, November 28, 2019 --( PMP Insights, a Project Management Professional (PMP) certified project management consulting advisory and professional development organization led by Sienna Apis, announces Jan. 4, 2020 as the next date for its 2020 PMP certification exam course and online workshop.

PMP Insights is now accepting online course enrollment for:

CAPM/PMP Certification Exam Preparation

Virtual Meeting on Jan. 4, 2020

Project management practitioners seeking to become certified PMPs must first qualify and then register to take the PMP certification exam. To pass it, candidates have to demonstrate how to apply “predictive, agile, and hybrid approaches” to a range of work scenarios.

“There are several changes and updates in the upcoming PMP exam that aspiring PMPs need to be made aware of. PMP Insights can help you get familiar with what’s new in the PMP Examination Content Outline.” - Sienna Apis

PMP Insights will introduce project management practitioners to all the new content pertaining to Domains, Tasks, and Enablers listed in the PMP Examination Content Outline. Domains, for example, are “the high-level knowledge areas” or broad categories of work that project managers perform. Tasks are the specific duties that fall into these categories. Enablers are examples that illustrate how a Task might look like on the job. Participants in the online course will learn how to effectively put these principles to practice in three domain areas of People, Process and Business Environment.

PMP Insights helps increase the chances of success for project managers, both on the PMP certification test and in their careers. The company offers exam prep courses that teach industry best practices as well as what participants need to know for the exam. Sienna Apis also provides tailored coaching for one-on-one guidance. Click to ​learn more or to ​sign up up now for the Jan. 4, 2020 PMP exam prep course and workshop led by Apis.

About PMP Insights

PMP Insights is a Project Management Professional consulting firm led by Sienna Apis, certified PMP and PMO in Boulder Colo. As a leadership change agent, PMP Insights specializes in PMP management, coaching and training for PMP exam certification. For more information visit​.
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