Worldwide Launch of HighSake: the Pinnacle of Japanese Sake Craftsmanship

For expansion of life and experiences

Kyoto, Japan, December 05, 2019 --( Japan based Mirabliss LLC is pleased to announce the opening of their ultra-exclusive Japanese Sake website:

HighSake targets high level clients, luxury suppliers and high-end businesses seeking something a bit special.

The Pinnacle of Sake makers Craft: Limited bottle run Sake.

Based on the culture of the Sake capital of Kyoto, HighSake buys direct to order from breweries who stubbornly stand by their centuries of traditional techniques with craftsmen who have generations of history and knowledge.

HighSake is under world exclusive agreements and cannot be purchased outside of Japan.

HighSake rarity scale runs from:
WoW: Under 20 bottles available worldwide, to
Rare: Under 70 bottles available worldwide

To retain kudos and exclusivity, clients are limited to 2 bottles.

HighSake Mission:
To enhance the understanding and appreciation of Artisan Sake makers through discerning clients.

Always indebted and we hope you enjoy.
Darren Harris