RetroMAD1, the World's First Antiviral Protein, Saves Cats Suffering from Feline Leukemia, a Disease Once Thought Incurable

Biovalence Technologies owns a proprietary recombinant proteomic technology platform that covers around 100 different proteins with potential antiviral therapeutic. The company’s mission is to save lives by applying recent advancement in genomics and proteomics on infectious diseases that have no cure today.

RetroMAD1, the World's First Antiviral Protein, Saves Cats Suffering from Feline Leukemia, a Disease Once Thought Incurable
Singapore, Singapore, December 05, 2019 --( Biovalence Technologies, a Singapore-incorporated, mid-stage biotechnology start-up, has obtained a world first with its novel and patented recombinant proteomic technology platform. One of its purposefully designed antiviral molecule, RetroMAD1, has moved from the proof of concept stage to proof of commercial value in the US$ 16 billion pet therapeutic market segment. In a field trial conducted by the Federal University of Rio de Jeneiro, Brazil, Huan et al., the authors of the published research article, reported the significant efficacy of RetroMAD1 in treating the clinical signs of feline leukemia in cats suffering from this otherwise fatal disease. In the research article recently published in the Archives of Veterinary Science and Medicine, 2019; 2(4), the authors reported that at 173 days post-treatment the survival rate of cats treated with a daily dose (b.i.d.) of RetroMAD1 orally for 30 days was 73% vs. a 33% survival rate of cats not treated with RetroMAD1. Cats that were treated and survived, thrived with a better quality of life up to the end of the observation period, i.e. 433 days. This was certainly due to marked improvement in the clinical signs from feline leukemia infection.

Mr. Eng Huan UNG, the co-inventor of RetroMAD1 and principal author of the research article, said, “In the published trial, we stopped observation of the non-RetroMAD1-treated group at day 173 because of the cat owners' concern about the deteriorating conditions of their cats. Had this group continued being observed until day 433, we could expect extremely few to survive, unlike the RetroMAD1-treated group where 73% survived and thrived.”

Feline leukemia or FeLV is a disease of veterinary importance. FeLV belongs to the same family as the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) that causes AIDS in humans. Like HIV, FeLV infection is for life. The disease is almost always fatal within 6-12 months after clinical signs appear. In a report by, the global population of client-owned cats is estimated at 373,000,000 in 2018. The worldwide prevalence of feline leukemia is difficult to estimate. In developing economies like ASEAN, Brazil and China, the prevalence is estimated to be as high as 25% in client-owned cats.

Dr. Cher Yew NG, the Chairman and CEO of Biovalence Technologies, remarked, “In over 100 cases of cats suffering from feline leukemia presented by their owners from Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa and the U.S. that received RetroMAD1 treatment, the lives of all these cats improved so dramatically after several weeks that the owners could not believe what they witnessed. Their cats continue to live well, free from suffering, and the owners are living testimonials to share their experiences. Without a doubt, RetroMAD1 saves lives.”

Treatment against feline leukemia has been, up to now, symptomatic and palliative. With RetroMAD1, there is now hope of a real antidotal treatment for veterinarians and cat owners worldwide to prolong and improve the lives of their cats suffering from this disease that was once thought to be incurable.
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Alfred Chua