Diff'rence aka Darrin Cox and Phonic Blizz Ent Announce Release of Extended Painkillers 2

Columbus, OH, December 08, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Diff'rence Aka Darrin and Phonic Blizz Ent Announce Release of Extended Painkillers 2

After having placements in Word is Bond, EarMilk, and other music blogs Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox returns with an upshot that is "Extended Painkillers 2." "The first thing I noticed is the cover," a Taste-Maker said, " It kind of looks like a sharpie with a scribbled caricature of a number two over the art." Darrin Cox stated, "When I released the first Extended Painkillers it sent a mixed message. I didn't want to look like I was supporting a pill culture. I was just trying to say check-out some dope music. So the scribbled out artwork means I'm not a supporter of unprescribed med use."

"'Extended Painkillers 2' has an intoxicating soundscape with different sub- genres blending together like an ambiguous nucleu.." a Playlist Curator said.

"Yeah I Like It" bolts through clear and concise as a crowd jumper with a heavy beat. "Number 4" off the mixtape "Plain & Simple remixes" brings a boom bap aesthetic telling the story of the indie artist grind. "Where Your head At?" floats in with an airy stripped down R&B vibe with Diff'rence lyrically in pursuit of a beautiful woman after a casual encounter. "What He Say?" is a comedic approach to how sometimes we party to hard, and how we think the people are laughing with us but in reality they are laughing at us.

This is a distinct, fun, and new project from Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox and Phonic Blizz Ent.

Phonic Blizz Ent.
Darrin Cox
Extended Painkillers 2 Artwork

Extended Painkillers 2 Artwork

This the artwork for the project "Extended Painkillers 2"