RE Pharmacy Opens New Infusion Center in San Diego, CA

Irvine, CA, December 11, 2019 --( As RE Pharmacy progresses forward as a leader in the specialty pharmacy and infusion therapy industry, they have opened a new infusion center located inside the medical building at 7625 Mesa College Drive in San Diego. It shares the second floor with Neurologist Dr. Ian Purcell MD, PhD., boasts 3,100 square feet of open space, and includes many amenities for patients and staff.

At first glance, one might assume this infusion center is a large living room. The main area is comprised of three black leather, heated, massage recliners. Accompanying each chair is an ARLO device – RE Pharmacy’s Digital Media Center. The ARLO device features a 31” interactive tablet screen with streaming educational content and media, specific to the practice. Part of this interactive experience includes a virtual human body which the patient can view, rotate, and zoom into. This feature allows doctors to explain any particular illnesses to the patient in a 3-dimensional environment, providing a more illustrative learning experience.

Part of the ARLO digital media center is a 10” tablet device connected to a free dedicated WiFi network specifically for RE Pharmacy infusion patients. Patients will be able to surf the web, as well as stream their favorite movies and television shows via Netflix. Also provided for free are RE Pharmacy roll-up blankets and pairs of ear buds for the patients’ taking.

Adjacent to the main infusion area is a private VIP suite, available for patients upon their request. This quiet room is ideal for patients with children, or patients who simply want to nap during their infusion session.

In addition to the main infusion area, the center includes a reception desk, three exam rooms, a storage room, and admin office. A fully furnished kitchen is provided, complete with snacks, microwave, table and chairs, secure cabinets with keys, a food refrigerator, and temperature-controlled medication refrigerator.

These luxuries are compliments of RE Pharmacy as part of their efforts to make patient infusion sessions as comfortable (and memorable) as possible.

“We are very proud of the infusion center,” said Thomas Leffler, President of RE Pharmacy. “After many months of preparation, it is our marque location and serves as the blueprint for our future centers.”

About RE Pharmacy

RE Pharmacy is the leading specialty pharmacy and infusion service provider of choice for patients and physicians seeking exceptional expertise, human kindness and professional guidance. The pharmacists and technicians at RE Pharmacy combine their professional expertise with caring support while helping patients navigate the complicated worlds of medicine and health insurance. RE Pharmacy is accredited by URAC and ACHC.
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