MCH Strategic Data Delivers More Ways to Build Relationships with K-12 Educators

MCH’s unmatched compilation process makes them the market leader in verified K-12 email counts.

Kansas City, MO, December 16, 2019 --( MCH’s increase in verified email coverage helps education marketers and sales teams improve their current data acquisition strategies. According to Angela Ridpath, VP Marketing for MCH Strategic Data, “The majority of our clients are looking for better email engagement and hoping to identify key contacts within schools and districts, and our data allows them to do just that.”

More Verified Emails Leads to Better Contact and Engagement Rates

Education sales and marketing professionals are looking for ways to improve buyer behavior in order to boost engagement and messaging. Getting to that goal requires an understanding of key contacts in the education vertical. MCH has been a market leader in education data for over 90 years. “In addition to having a thorough understanding of the education industry, our unmatched compilation process which includes human verification, technology, and permission-passing sets us apart from other data providers,” said Ridpath.

Benefits of Verified Emails

Verified emails improve marketing email delivery rates.

Having an email verification process increases sales productivity and contact rates.

Adding additional verified emails to your sales and marketing mix allows companies to build relationships with more educators, ultimately leading to an increase in sales revenue and client retention.

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MCH Strategic Data
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